Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life's a mess and i'm so damn happy, what now?

Last week had been really hazy. I spent the days leaving my best friend in our room to cope with her own hell week so I can finish papers, data analysis, etc required for my major subject. I lived off the whole week by  drinking liters of energy drink. It's worked wonders so far. Though it can't really cover dark circles. But then, concealers were invented to conceal stress, duh. Haha.

I made a few great discoveries, all of which I owe to the nights of stress. I gained new friends. Weird because they've been my classmates for months now and yet we never really became friends. Until of course this required interaction. Most of the time, I just keep to myself and content with sharing jokes to close friends. Others do not really matter that much as long as I'm with the people I'm most comfortable to spend time with.

The people I used to not think much of are now part of my 'plane of consciousness'. I feel warm inside thinking that I've made new friends now and that the circle has become wider. Often times I found myself appreciating them for their varied talents. There's N who's really good at eating and writing (plus cramming), S who like me is obsessed with Sara B. (finally! someone who could tolerate my endless sara b rants!) and writes really good stories (ok. the comparison with me ends with sara b. i haven't written a decent short story in my life), then there's P whose sense of stat never fail to amaze me, C who does what she has to do efficiently and never ever gets mad despite the numerous 'table' demands, then there's Slave Girl who we fondly call ...Slave Girl because she tirelessly does things we ask her to do even if she's not really required to help the team, and then there's J who I've come to appreciate more now because she's always collected despite so much drama going around us. :D

I guess I'm never gonna be effective in divorcing feelings from work. But hey, it's what keeps me going so far. Those nights out (and the cash spent!) wouldn't have been bearable had it not been for their company. There's so much laughter even if we're riddled with work we don't know how to cope with.  It isn't over yet but so far it's been really great hanging out with them.

Really. What am I doing here updating this blog when I should be getting some school work done? If you happen to come by here, accept my apologies... I haven't written much. I will soon after all these school commitments are finished. :D
It's a Sunday and I suggest that you listen to good songs like Landslide (Dixie Chicks) and Vegas (Sara Bareilles).

        "When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang     on." -Franklin D. Roosevelt


Love JunieFe said...

it paid off naman di ba? ;)

cheers to cobra!!hahaha