Sunday, May 13, 2012

To the real knight

She can ride on horses and make dreams come true. She's the original knight in shining armor (and tights!).
Sorry prince charming, but before you came into mythical existence, there were mothers all over the world making real castles for their little girls.
To my mother who never pressured me into anything (except for a random prodding here and there), thank you.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Forgive the girl

I had been very busy. I didn't have the time and the energy and the willpower to be productive. Thank you very much. 

Earlier, I promised myself that I'd be more diligent in updating this small virtual space with many nice things. I have a lot of backlogs instead. 

Nevertheless, a lot of good things had been happening! 

I am now employed. I also graduated from university. I went back to my hometown to eat lechon. And now I'm back in Manila. I moved to a new apartment because I can no longer stay in the dorm. 

I have also been trying to wear heels properly. I guess this is it?