Saturday, March 6, 2010


ang PUSO

tulad ng

PAA nagkakakalyo rin

Thursday, March 4, 2010

dinner musts for guys (if you want a second date)

1. Insist on paying for dinner. It's you who asked the girl out. You should be happy she agreed to go out with you. Make her feel like a princess for taking care of that minor detail.
2. Never ever text right infront of the girl or make unnecessary phone calls. Common eating etiquette. Although it may appear that you are a busy man (which you migh think is impressive) it might give the girl the idea that you do not want to be with her.
3. As much as possible do your best to make it to the date you scheduled for the dinner to be. Don't keep the girl waiting. If you want her so much then try to be punctual.
4. If something happens and you can't make it to dinner, try to at least inform the girl 30 minutes before.
5. Don't cancel dinner dates in two consecutive days. It makes you appear weak on your schedule. If you can't fix your schedule, the girl will wonder if you are really the guy she thinks to be on top of everything.

These are just 5 top things to watch out for based on experience. For more

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Music Face-Off

Bingo! You can call it coincidence. But I heard John Mayer's Dreaming With A Broken Heart and Alicia Keys' Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart all on the same day!

See a man's and a woman's point of view on broken hearts, sleeping, and empty beds. How are the emotions articulated? Is there really a difference?


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS. Type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you see these 50 words. Don't think and don't go back and change. Doesn't matter how random it is, just type it! Repost it for all of your friends.

Consider yourself tagged if you are reading this!

1. Beer: can i have wine instead?

2. Food: is dinner ready yet?

3. Relationships: i'd say yes to ... anytime, any day... haha!

4. Your crush: what?

5. Power Rangers: so 10 years ago

6. Life: is a huge comedy production

7. The President: sits till the end of her term.

8. Yummy: thai food!!!!

9. Cars: mini-cooper

10. Movies: the battle of terra

11. Halloween: haha! i remember a face...

12. Sex: female

13. Religion:Roman Catholic

14. Hate: waiting

15. Fear: pregnant! oh no! no degree!

16. Marriage: somewhere after everything

17. Blondes: hot!

18. Slippers: love it

19. Shoes: please. please. i'd do anything to get out of it.

20. Asians: sweet

21. Pastime: washing

22. One night stand: with a total stranger? hmmm. haha.

23. My cell phone: needs a sim card.

24. Smoke: allergic rhinitis!

25. Fantasy: happily ever after

26. College: freedom!

27. High school life: the gargantuan oval!

28. Pajamas: sleep!

29. Stars: i love

30. Center: circle

31. Alcohol: 80% solution

32. love: an order please?

33. Friends: i miss

34. Money: lots of it!

35. Heartache: brainache rather?

36. Time: too slow for those who wait

37. Divorce: not in the philippines

38. Dogs: allergic rhinitis

39. Undies: pink!

40. Parents: pay (the) rent

41. Babies: cuddly

42. Ex: it

43. Song: chirpy as the birds...

44. Color: crayola

45. Weddings: happy!

46. Pizza: how many calories do i get from it?

47. Hangout: at the beach

48. Rest: later

49. Goal: live life

50. Inspiration: successful people