Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A politically correct love letter

Dear jerk LOSER (because you are acting like one despite your name being the opposite),

To assume that I was in to you as I was before is only a result of your conceit inability to understand that people change. Yes, pea-brain cerebrally-challenged jerk, I have changed a lot.

Whereas before you meant the whole world to me, now, you are nothing but an annoying booger, egotistical , sexist alpha male who thinks that he is everything that a woman needs. Let me point it out to you that you are not worth it. A waste of time even. I only wrote this so I can send this link to you when you feel again that I am head over heels in love with you.

I may be wrong about a couple of things, but I am certain about this - I DO NOT LOVE YOU. And I would never go after you because you don't matter are a douche bag do things that rub me the wrong way.

To think that I am chatting you up because I can't survive without your presence is totally wrong. When I say that I need a distraction, it doesn't mean that I miss you. You are a guy for God's sake burger's sake! You are not supposed to go about reading into every sentence as if it is loaded with cryptic shit content! The way you reacted only goes to show just how fucked up twisted you are. Dude, it's been what? A fucking year (or more) has passed since! You think I lived in a vacuum all the while?

I went away partly to get over you, that I admit. I have come back partly successful with my attempt. Though I still had feelings for you before, I have begun to enjoy life without you (you should know this because I used to regularly update you with my status). To go on insisting that I am still in to you is moronic beyond me.

Stop acting like you are some rock star stuck in that body of yours. Because honestly, when I look at you, all I see is a sullen-eyed guy whose eye socket is heavily outlined by nights and nights of doing whatever I don't give a shit care about and undisciplined drinking. You are not Mick Jagger. And even if you were, you are not my type anymore. I'm done with the fooling with the bad boys hoping that they'd change for the better stage. Before I might even consider giving you a second look, you oughtta do something with your life first. I doubt if that would be enough especially now that you've sunk so low as to presuming that you are worth my attention.

Go fuck up your life! I don't care! Go keep on doing what you do! It's your life after all. Just don't go assuming that I would gladly take spoiled goods like you.

Now now... All I really want to say is, get lost HAVE A NICE LIFE!

Sincerely not yours,