Thursday, March 24, 2011

Conjunctions for a quickie

The only songs I've been listening to are those from my Wicked playlist. Elphaba sounds really deluded. Delicious. And Nessa sounds like she has colds but it fits her well. I don't know how it's called, maybe contralto? I'm more drawn to singers with deep, sorrowful voices. Like Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, Amy Winehouse, and..... SARA BAREILLES. Haha. This could be love.

I've always dreamed of becoming a bar singer so I could wear sparkly dresses and green sneakers and ruby red lips. Nothing soothes me better than the thought of having enough time someday to do things I've always wanted to do. Like learn how to play the ukulele and write my own songs for the ukulele. I'll write about love. Or food. Or that man who sells pasta just outside the dorm. Or sadness. Or happiness. Or hope. Or fear. Or triumph. Or those sassy retorts I have for people who ask me silly things. I'd be the notorious badass ukulele singer who has a sweet voice. Not too sweet though. And then the world will understand how it's like for me for now. But dramas like mine can wait until I have finally become the person that I am in my mind. As a rule I can't prattle about a sad little life I've had until after my dreams have come true.

And then I'll be a lawyer. And I'll kick-ass because I do high-profile cases while doing pro bono work on the side. 

And then I'll have a house with a picket fence by the beach. I will have toothless dogs and a goldfish. I will name my goldfish Sundae. Because Sundaes are cold. And goldfishes are cold too. Swimming in the water... alone... that could get awfully cold right? 

And then I'll travel with Lucy to take pictures of graffiti wherever. And then we will do the backpacking thing. Just our passport and tons of credit cards. We will meet so many people and we will make a lot of new friends. And then we would ask them to paste their pictures or write something on our scrap books. Because those things aren't cheesy. It's the most appropriate thing to do. Even if there's Facebook or maybe a social network that allows for holograms. Or. If Lucy's too busy, I'll travel alone. Or find someone else who could come with me. 

And then I'll make pancakes for my good friend Trisha and give it to her so she won't be hungry again. I'll make sure it's shaped like pork chops so she's fooled into thinking that those were pork chops. She likes meat so much. 

And then I'll go back to my  barangay. And fund a library in my elementary school. I'll name it after my grandfather. And then I'll put in a lot of books in there and educational toys. And then i'll pray that those kids will read the books I placed there so they can see how beautiful the world is. So they will learn to dream. So finally when they have learned how to dream they would want to do something else than get married after high school. So that our barangay will have a lot of dreamers who instead of sleeping are busy making their dreams come true. Or maybe I will just place a lot of picture books so they can see a lot of pictures. After all pictures are great too. 

For now I would have to deal with my homeworks first. Incorrect conjunction(ed) imaginings will be done later.

Zteg is already 3 years old. His hair is starting to thin. He's getting older. Here's a picture of us,

'til then... :)