Monday, April 2, 2012

LSS Recap

I have been singing the same songs the past couple of weeks. It's formulaic, the way I sing songs. One song for a day or two (or more). Loop, loop, loop, until the singer sounds like s/he's just reciting a poem.

So here are the most oft played songs;

1. Naked by Avril Lavigne

Yes because I'm sometimes a sunny emo kid. Most oft repeated line: I'm naked around you...
On a personal note, I always type in Naked Avril whenever I search for her. Sounds very porn-ish, no?

2. Infatuation by Maroon 5
I used to be apathetic of Maroon 5's existence. I just thought that they're cute (especially Levine) when I saw them in Sara Bareilles' Uncharted music video. Anywho. Most oft repeated line: This could be in-fa-choo-a-tion... I want it i want it i want it.

3. This Old Man
A children's song. I found myself humming along to the tune of this while I was surfing the internet. It's actually a very relaxing song with the repetitive notes that never go wrong.