Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Letters To X: A Little Too Much

Another exercise at meshing song lyrics to letters.


Remember the ultimatum? I wanted you to decide. Instead, you asked for a year. You never really wanted to take matters to your own hands. 

You wanted things to happen 'naturally' without you having to decide. Are you just a coward? Yes you are.

The ultimatum was meant to know who your first choice is. It was just a go or no decision to make. You say go, and we 'take the plunge'. You say no, I'll lick my wounds and finally have the closure I deserve.

Instead of doing either, you decided to shrug everything off - not taking any side. However you choose would liberate me. But you never really made a decision. Again, you left things hanging.

It hurts me. Well, I'm more like angry right now. I just want the closure. You wanted, oh I almost forgot that, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT.

Honestly though?

Nothing is working.