Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Music Gift Pack

I feel almost bad for not posting an entry on music. This is a mix of the mainstream and the obscure. Enjoy!

Not Like the Movies by Katy Perry

I swear I could write an entire post on this song, but I decided I shouldn't. :) A beautiful song about hoping for the kind of love seen in romcoms. The beat is melancholic hinting on the story being told in the song.

The Marriage by Billy Bragg

I only knew of this artist recently and I'm already liking him! Here is the first song by him that caught my attention. In the song, he dishes on what he thinks about getting married accompanied by an upbeat melody. The instruments used were blended so well you'd love the song even if you have issues with the view presented.

Throw Me a Rope by KT Tunstall

Another slow song that talks about how to be clingy in a subtle way.