Sunday, March 4, 2012

Last Friday Night

Food tripping on a Friday @ Katipunan 

I will be talking about what happened last Friday on a post that appears on a Sunday. That makes me two days inefficient. Nevertheless, what about Friday?

For the past couple of weeks, months, I haven't really gone out except for the required once a week grocery and other school-related errands. Although it is not a huge change from the kind of lifestyle that I'm used to, it still is a little strange that I don't find time to go out anymore. Last Friday was different as I had the rare opportunity to go out with my best friend.

She had been so busy with her field work that would take her to a province about three hours away from the university that the last time we saw each other was the first day of class after the holiday break. Lately, I've been feeling blue and demotivated but there's something about being with her that is therapeutic. I'm not saying that we all should get best friends just so we don't feel blue, I'm only saying that by surrounding ourselves with the people who value us (and we treasure in return), there's always joy to be found in being able to connect so well with another being despite life being so cruel at times.