Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick update

  • I've been speed reading. Been losing sleep for YA fiction (the main reason why I haven't been updating this small virtual space). :P If only class readings are this interesting... I must admit though that I've been reading a lot of class readings too. The past three semesters have been straight forward journal articles for me. Now, it's different. I've read The Odyssey so far and found that Odysseus is kinda full of himself. Read Antigone too and thought that she's mighty brave for going against Creon's edict. (more of these fun reads when I get around to writing it over the break)
  • Will be going home on the 17th and is super excited to see le familia again. Hope I can squeeze in a few meet-ups with high school classmates I enjoy spending time with. Looking forward too to some down time at home... Watch movies. Look at the cobwebs on our ceiling. Talk to my grandparents. 
  • Found some voluntary stint for me that will start next year. I must admit that even though I'm excited about it, I'm also a bit scared. What if my skills won't be enough? What if they won't benefit from my existence? Oh well... I have the whole holiday break to prepare myself.