Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eating books again

I'm back in the game. I've been reading fiction again. I didn't know how much I miss being an emotionally engrossed observer snooping into the literary lives of make-believe characters until I finished several books. Oh yes, I've been speed reading (the perks of having to read so many things for different subjects is that it actually increases reading speed without compromising comprehension).

For a while, I shied away from fiction in favor of journal articles and the history of this and that type of books. General knowledge and a deeper understanding on how real-life issues, not to mention course-related work, was how I ended up not making time at all for fictional stories.

Yada yada.

Is this a sign that I'm slowly finding my way to valid literary outputs in the future? I hope so. But for now,  I'd really just like to sink my teeth into these pieces of joy. :)