Friday, June 3, 2011

Tumblring finally.

I have finally started to sort of organize my online presence. :) It gets me really confused which to update and yada yada.

This blog shall stay and will be home to longer entries dedicated to anything that I find interesting.

The other uh... page? blog? tumblog? idk what to call it shall be home to pictures, shorter texts (2 paragraphs max). I am not into photography as I am too lazy to learn the complex process of taking great pictures. Most pictures there would be an homage to my "lomography dream" that I cannot fulfill yet. I'm still in college and the hobby's pretty impractical knowing how little I earn. :| Pictures there are just digitally-enhanced to look like lomo pics. Anyhow, the essence of lomography will still be followed - that point-and-shoot principle, whichever comes by principle... Let me just clear it out that I have high respect for pro-photographers who sweat it out to produce art through their photographs. It just isn't my thing but rest-assured that I shall take decent photographs albeit being taken without much cognitive involvement.

Click on this link to see how it's going so far...


bbtoo said...

hello there!!!came to visit your blog