Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wong Kar Wai's love flick*

typographies were challenged in wkw's in the mood for love. he cleverly creates that ideal set-up to fall in love, makes you pine for the characters to develop strong feelings for each other, and bam! before you know it the film inconclusively ends without the closure that was expected of standard romantic flicks.

two good looking people, living in the same apartment albeit different rooms, sharing the same interest for comics and the same stall where dinner is bought shrink these individuals' worlds such that they'd have to eventually meet and speak to each other. 

so many scenes were cut that you wonder what happened while they were inside the hotel room. common sense tells you nothing happened since they do not have weird faces on the next scene (a typical after sex look common in romantic flicks where girl looks really glowing and instantly parts from her straight hair to curly hair for the added romantic feel). but then again it's wkw, the maindie (indie who made it mainstream or mainstream but makes indie looking films) who in the whole movie is telling you to reconsider your expectations that took years and years of watching movies to be formed. 

one thing is consistent though, the musical score. every time the main characters are close to each other, the same music is played. in a way, the music creates a confusion especially when it is played and yet the characters are away from each other. 

what makes it a more interesting watch is that it viciously breaks all your expectations and makes you feel really warm and fuzzy inside at the slightest body contact. why? because no intimate physical contact happened in the movie that the slightest show of affection makes your heart pop out of your eyes. 

the movie makes for a good, slow friday night with a cup of warm coffee or hot chocolate and cupcake with friends or the significant other.

*gleaned from Film 100: Intro to Film under Prof. P. Campos
**poster taken from here