Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not so random summer reflections part 1

Summer has just started for me and yet I strangely miss having to wake up craaaazy early to prepare for the office. Now that I can wake up any time within the day (or not wake up at all... hahaha), my eyes, as if on autopilot, opens at 6 in the morning.

I had the chance to meet wonderful people which I can connect to in different ways.
| Bianca - Her handwriting is superb as well as her being organized. I love how deceptively 'mahinhin' and 'reserved' she looks. I never expected her to have the best pa-sosyal, albeit exaggerated, "ermauhgawd" impression that makes everyone rofl.

| Dior - Damn this girl is waaaaaay cute and sweet! She is the epitome of thoughtfulness bringing treats for everyone to share.

| Benzi - Always the reliable dewd to share walks with. We tease him a lot for his "breyshes" that affectsh the way he shpeaks. Good thing this guy is very cool, if not, he'd have gone mad at our relentless taunts.

| Daryl - Looks like a girl. Period. He is too beautiful to be a boy. We find it very hard not to get all insecure with his to die for chinita beauty and lithe body. I also got most of the cute rpgs I spend sleepless nights playing (The Witch and The Warrior, Arevan, etc.) from him.

| Jose - An uncommon man with a common name. We weren't able to spend as much time with him since he was assigned in a different cubicle, nevertheless, I appreciate his passion for films. He's practically seen the movies in my 'to watch' list. He takes great pictures too!

(web)camwhoring with bee and dee

Now back here in my dorm room, alone with only the internet and music to keep me company, I cannot help but be reminded of these people I spent loads of time with laughing, sharing stories, eating lunch for the rest of my April to May gig at that prelude to what comes after college - work. Hope to hang-out with them soon! <3