Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scold me please.

On a typical day, I'm not whiny. Not too self-conscious either. Anyhow, biggest confession. Well, not too big if you know me very well.

I HAVE BEEN EATING A LOT LATELY. And it isn't the 'always exaggerated' type of story health-conscious girls tell. If I were to keep a food journal, 50 pages won't be enough to chronicle the food I stuff in my body for two weeks.

My journey with food goes a long long way back. I would like to blame it to my grandmother for using a ladle to feed me when I was younger. Fine, I would like to think that it's her fault so I could relieve myself of the guilty-feeling of having eaten too much. After all, she was the first person to ever feed me with human food. *evil grin

My my... Last night was terrible. Full-on gluttony. And the worst thing is, I wasn't even heartbroken or rejected. You know, like in movies, how girls get a license to eat more than what a small country with 7 million people consumes in a day.

Thinking about it, I may have gained a few pounds just from last night. Oh man. Is there such a thing as a food-whore? Never did I ever, have I ever said no to food. Well, unless they're crabs (coz I'm allergic to them) and seashells (all kinds of it) coz it makes me puke. Tell you this, I am not a picky-eater. Those two are the only food I've rejected so far.

I've tried quite a number of Asian and Western cuisine and I must say, I always found something that I love from each dish. I'll never be a great food critique. I'd never rate anything below 80% anyway.

About last night? Let's see. I didn't eat breakfast because I woke up quite late. Ate lunch with my friend and after which I went to an 'iskrambol' stall to get myself one with additional milk and cookies. Late in the afternoon, my friend arrived and was very depressed about her exam so she asked me to accompany her to the iskrambol stall. So I went with her despite having eaten one right after lunch. After getting one, we ate siomai. And being *ehem health-conscious as we were, we *ehem split one order of siomai between us, just so we feel better that we're trying hard to control our *ehem cravings. Dinner came and we were frustrated to learn that the canteen won't be serving fried chicken - the only dorm food that we really look forward for. One resident even commented (on the food served instead of fried chicken) that it was, "brown na manok na nilunod sa mantika". I think this is the part where we, in its essence, became heartbroken. How dare them build our hopes high only to crush it by serving one of the most dreaded food!

Instead of eating, we spent some of our allowance to eat out. We ordered the always reliable adobo and felt happy. I got quite impatient (because it takes them a while to prepare the food) so I went to a stall and got myself some barbecue. Order came and we saw a couple of others ordering soft drinks. With the pressure to conform having gotten to us (and maybe plain pagiging inggitera), we ordered more a liter of it. Perfect, right?

It doesn't end there. As we were slightly limping back to our dorm, since it's hard to walk with our stomach being heavier than all parts of our body, we stopped by the university's shopping center. That's  where I saw my favorite milk balls (i know there's gotta be some Filipino term for it but the ate didn't know so milk balls for now). I bought one again and ate the whole packet.

We came to the dorm around 8:30 pm. Time is very important here. Around 1 am, we felt the hunger again. As per unanimous decision, we called McDonald's for two orders of chicken fillet with rice. We waited for an hour and devoured the food when it arrived. Mabilis pa sa alas kwatro.

Despite having papers to do, we slept well after eating.

Too much right? I think we have eaten our week's worth of kcal needs. Anyhow, today's a different day (and we've actually spent almost half of our allowance for food), how long could I hold up until I reach for another serving of rice?


Stephanie said...

lol today i ate 4 pizza slices..feeling really guilty

alexandria said...

watch eat pray love - the eat portion, specifically ::P

love the scene where julia roberts pigs out on pizza.