Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bambi's lament

Dum dum, my heart
as I hear
Dumb dumb, the crowd

lights my face's
stretch my cheek's
almost cracking - my diaphanous

Boss up there
frapping his gem
around legalities -documents
contracts, to me strangers

Do this and you'll be free - my boss
all's a glibido, a game
we've played for fifteen years

A certain angle,
a certain
pose I flash
my long legs,
men's fantasy

I close
my eyes to flashing
lights and even that
is headline


Steve Isaak said...

Absolutely love this! Perfect - wish I'd written this (said in an amiable, non-jealous way).

Thanks for playing with us via 3 Word Week #4! Hope to see you next week. =)

Rachelle said...

@Mr. Isaak: Thanks a lot for the encouragement! Looking forward to more writing exercises.