Tuesday, February 23, 2010

when all has left


pretend that it is a bottle of Tuborg and right beside it is a pack of cheese rings. imagine being in a playground surrounded with empty swings and houses with a white picket fence. your music's the barking of the dogs and the irregular honks of cars passing by. complete the scene with a star-studded sky while sitting under a tree drinking beer while having a convo with a part-time lover.

part 1. spend your day with a good friend. talk about nothing but love and 10 years from now. run to catch the departing ferry, be stared at by people for wearing a knee-length skirt, and differentiate a lebanese, indonese, filipinese, malaynese.

part 2. look at the line dividing the water from the sky at night. then appreciate the different colors of lights reflected to the sea water. try speaking elementary malay and feel proud. talk about heartbreaks and future dreams, jobs and salaries - make it ANYTHING. then regret the fact that you left your cam. too many good shots missed.

watch the gong xi fa cai fireworks atop the room. sleep at 8 am and wake up 11 am. be afraid to sleep while its dark so resolve on sleeping at daybreak.

 relish the monopoly of the huge LG flatscreen tv. feel like a princess with superb airconditioning. do a high school musical marathon and wonder why you are watching it. be hungry with all the food at the asian food channel.

realize that dinners alone don't make for good appetite. no matter how sweet roti susu can be. be approached by a random person and listen to him blab for 2 hours. then after the "conversation" be praised with how much he allegedly enjoyed the conversation when all you did was nod and say yes. eat once a day and not talk for the whole day except when ordering food. try all the food in an indian restaurant and choose ayam tandoori as the best.