Friday, February 19, 2010

Malaysia, sa tingin ko lang naman

ang sumusunod ay sinipi mula sa isang mensahe para sa isang kaibigan:

1. they don't mind eating using their hands sa mga cafeteria.
2. boys are huge fans of football (mao ba ni ang tawag sa game nga naay manchester united?).
3. they drive on the right side (as in tanan kay right so makaconfuse at first)

4. sun rises at 730 am and sets on 730 pm.
5. they have various kinds of fried rice which they call nasi goreng. they eat it at any meal, unlike sa ato nga usually breakfast lang
6. coke is not a big thing. they have several kinds of drinks na less carbonated. my fave is their milk tea. naa pud sila kopi (as in kadtong kapeng barako)
7. barato ang food. you can eat well at php30.
8. they have a healthy middle class. dali lang maka acquire ug cars kay naa silay own car company. price starts at php140,000 for brand new.
9. free internet sa kanilang state university (i study in their public univ and i'm enjoying the free internet)
10. they have their own bus within the university
11. students are more submissive compared to the students in UP.