Thursday, January 21, 2010

sleeping soo

first thing that you do when you get out of bed in
the morning?
- panic! i'll be late if i stay any longer!

what was the last thing you did before going to
bed last night?
- read How to be a Lady (i seriously need lessons on that!)

do you eat breakfast?
-refer to the answer to the first question

milk or coffee?
- i want them mixed. not a good choice if i drink them as individual units. too boring.

name five things on your bedside table?
- books, pens, "everything" notebook, girly magazine, cellphone, hairclip, comb

how many pillows do you have?
-a real and a stolen pillow

your waking hour is?
- 2 hours after my alarm (haha!)

any recurring dream?
-none that i can remember

are you a morning grouch?
- i'm surprisingly cheerful for someone running late

light or heavy sleeper?
-hypothetically,  the alarm beside me goes off and half the dorm is awake by its noise except me, am i a heavy sleeper?

do you sleepwalk?

talk in your sleep?
- nanay tells i talk in my sleep. some creatures in side my head maybe.

wet your bed?
-once. 10 years ago. i dreamt of a roast pig, i was salivating in my dream but in reality i wet my bed.

fall out of bed?
-nope. i face the wall in my sleep. i sort of harass it by putting up my one right leg on it.

count sheep when you can't sleep?
-it is not effective. i lost count then go back again to number 1 coz it frustrates me when i can't count them all. i even imagine them jumping over a picket fence and do some math.

like sleeping with the windows open?
-yes if i am on the 7th floor. no if i'm on the first floor. depends on my altitude.

believe in the Sandman?
-anybody can be a sandman

like being woke up?
-yes. i always politely open my eyes for a few minutes then go back to sleep afterwards

pray before going to sleep?
- i talk to Him, usually

what is your favorite sleeping position?
-refer to the question about fallling off the bed

what is your bedroom poster?
-what i got is a page from my notebook with the lyrics of sara bareille's gravity

what is your bedroom color?
-pink sa dorm, if i had a choice i would've wanted orange

last person you say goodnight to before you
-i never say good night

last person you think of before you sleep?
-the first person i tend to look forward to meet the night after