I go by the name Nina for most people outside the family circle. As it is, I have two given names, Nina and Rachelle, so creatively taken from my father's favorite niece. My mother would have wanted to name me Odessa Marii but my father was too eager and insistent to name me differently, hence Nina Rachelle. Over the years I have learned to conceal my other name, Rachelle, by placing it together with my middle initial.

By now you would have figured out why my blog is called as such.

So what can you expect from this small virtual space? Well, check the labels for my current interests. I'll be introducing some more as I go along. Currently, I am into what I would like to call the three Ms; museums, music, and movies. For museums, I haven't posted anything yet but I probably will as soon as I find the inspiration. Music, you can find a lot of it here as I like to shamelessly share the music that pleases me. Movies, not a lot as I still find myself unworthy to talk about it that with the lack of background in film theory. Nevertheless, if and if there really is a movie that would push me to write, I will certainly do so.

For now, feel free to go through the entries. Should you feel the need to contact me for anything (except monetary favors), please do so by emailing me at neenaland@gmail.com. I can't promise to get back to you fast, but I will do my best!