Sunday, July 8, 2012

Uking it out

A gibberish rendition of Obladi Oblada by The Beatles

I went over uke renditions of some pop songs when it suddenly hit me. I used to live like the music a uke makes. Before I was velvet violin , I was sunny uke.

I guess some of life's realities have a way of messing with our disposition. Then again, there is always a choice. I find it ridiculous how I had spent most of my time the past few weeks mulling over things I cannot change yet when I should be having fun.

Months ago, I planned on learning how to play the uke. Somehow, that little plan had been buried beneath piles and piles of other worries. I'm glad I remember it now. Remembering... Speaking of which, while forgetting is hard, remembering is just as difficult. After all, you would only realize that you have forgotten something after you have remembered it.

Like tonight. I remembered how I loved the uke and how one fine day last October I went to a music store and hungrily ran my hands through the uke's body.

Next pay day, I buy a uke and work on learning how to play it.