Friday, June 15, 2012

Prometheus disclosed

Prometheus discusses sticky dinner table non-topics and discusses it 'stickily'. It is a movie that compensates its lack of riveting narrative with compelling visuals.

The audience is treated to a nauseous ride with all sorts of marine-like creatures tormenting the humans who went to a distant moon hoping to meet their 'Engineers'. It is a flawless 3D movie with the storyline allowing for gut-wrenching graphics. Set in 2093 in a distant moon where human ancestors probably live, it is a mixture of sophisticated machines and prehistoric giant worms.

Why did they (Engineers) suddenly decide to destroy the ones (humans) they created would supposedly give the film some heart but it is overwhelmed by too much unjustified fightings. At the end of it, the viewer leaves the cinema house too bothered by the gory visuals that s/he won't be able to process the philosophical ruminations of the film. Does it deserve rewinds at home? Not when you just had squid for dinner.