Friday, March 23, 2012

Collection of Cuss Words, Da Bisdak Version

As I write this, I am holding my tummy for the hilarity of what my friend and I has come up with. The past couple of days I've been teasing her about how gutter-mouthed she is. To make her chronic cussing less obvious, we came up with these alternative pronunciations to expletives to make them sound less than what they should be. By doing so, we potentially decrease the intensity of these words BUT it could prove to turn things around since they could really be funny.

Gaaah. It's so awkward to explain funny. It just is. Anyways, I also learned about Lord Putai Technique which according to G is a laughing exercise. To someone who knows Bisaya, saying Lord Putai Technique repeatedly and faster by each repetition makes up something that has lewd undertones. How can a mere technique title be so hilarious? Ha! Only in the Philippines. :)

Now, we're supposed to be doing more important things. Nevertheless, on to cuss words!

1. Dapak
This is commonly used to express anger, irritation, frustration, etc.

2. Mader Pader 
Kinda difficult to understand but this is another common expletive. G. suggested that we don't pronounce 'r' in the end for some slang swagger. Pronunciation key: a = cat; e = duh!

3. Dahell
Dahell sa'yooooo... nais kong mabuuuuuuhaaaaaaaay! It's something one says when s/he doesn't understand or is unhappy about something.

Ending the post abruptly with an animated video of Mary Lena (Lina?) by Jason in Town.

PS My brother told me that this song is originally sang in a different language and was only overwritten with Bisaya lyrics.

PPS Be warned! The video gets a little weird towards the end BUT it's the only animated version (to facilitate understanding) of Mary Lena that I can find.


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