Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LINsanely LINspiring JLin

He's all over the web and it's very difficult to ignore him! Jeremy Lin is becoming a big name in NBA. A week ago, then relatively unexciting New York Knicks played against the LA Lakers. Lin, a Knicks player surprised the whole world by contributing 38 pts. in their win against the Lakers. Sounds like a sports fairytale, noh?

JLin's epic face after a smooth shot

Terrific form, yummy biceps
Epic face #2

Proof of his rising fame

I found a game analysis video, specifically commenting on Lin's performance, and I thought that the sportscaster speaks some truth that we can draw inspiration from;  
"Everybody will tell you, keep working, keep working hard... now you have a story that shows proof [that] if u work hard, and if things are gonna happen to you... and you never know when you're going to get that opportunity... and you get that opportunity... He got it and now he's making the best of it." 


Want more Lin? Check these out! 


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alexandria said...

I never did get what all the LINsanity's about. He seems nice though. HAHAHAHA. (Judger me.)