Friday, November 25, 2011

The Pettyfer Marathon

I am not sure if this Alex Pettyfer has appeared in other films. I've seen two of his most raved about by fangirls movie - Beastly and I Am Number Four.

The title is suggestive of the film's quality. I didn't derive any enjoyment from watching the film. I must have been so bored to sit through the whole film. The supposed "Beauty" (Hudgens) had a spunky personality while "Beast" (Pettyfer) was arrogant because he's handsome and because he has daddy issues too. Nothing much happens. They're isolated in a house a la Big Brother and they fall in love. The only redeeming factor about the film is of Pettyfer's tattoo that goes with the season. If only there's a technology that would make it possible to create a season-sensitive tattoo.

The season-sensitive tattoo*

Hudgens's voice matured a bit (compared to the screechy one she had to put us through in HSM). Pettyfer's transformation wasn't as pitiful to see. The arrogant handsome prince to hopeless "Prison Break" look wasn't that touching. NPH who's supposed to be blind in the film wasn't convincingly blind. Olsen's the fashionista witch. I don't get how she's supposed to be ugly and unacceptable in the film's world since she looks ok. But maybe looking ok is ugly.

Rating: Tolerable for passing the time.

I Am Number Four
Six is breathtaking. Pettyfer was topless in the first 15 minutes of the movie. Agron was the typical damsel in distress. I was really hoping she'll get kidnapped in the film just to see her perfectly groomed hair be a bit messy. The Flipped main actor (McAuliffe) was adorably geeky. The best actor for the film goes to Bernie Kosar the beagle/chimaera who faithfully follows Four (Pettyfer) around. I'm honestly looking forward for the next installment if only to watch Six focused.

Screen shot of Bernie's defining moment (after the fight)

The mid-part of the film can get a bit dragging but the action sequence towards the end is fun to watch especially when they die and automatically cremates themselves.

Rating: Good to watch with the family especially if you have younger siblings.