Thursday, July 28, 2011

If it's a good thing to forget

I always have dreams that I can remember. More often than not, they consist of magic. Or something that I don't usually do or consider doing.

There was a dream about Piolo Pascual. Everybody would like to think that he is the Filipino Brad Pitt. I don't know if it matters. I never really think of him. I only looked at him when he was shirtless promoting a condominium of some sort with another celebrity. Why does he have to be shirtless all the time?

To be fair, the dream was really good. It involved some magic and a school. Something like a school being a portal to a more archaic, tribal society where Piolo and I were guests. We only have to cross the gate at the school (which has guards) to be in the real world. And then there is another world which looks like Norway because of the hills and the distance between the houses. Or maybe it doesn't really look like Norway because I only saw Norway in pictures. Nevertheless, I love Norway. If there would be something for me there, I would drop everything and go. That other world was hidden beneath the market which looked like any standard Philippine market. Fish/meat stalls in one huge complex like a maze.

I have no idea how to analyze dreams. But in that dream I felt happy. Who wouldn't be happy beside Piolo Pascual anyway? Ever since then, whenever I look at Piolo, shirtless in his ads (I can't even remember what those are. I just remember him being shirtless in all of it.) I remember that one night when I dreamed of him with me in that tell-tale world.