Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Fairy Tale

I remember that day, days before Christmas circa 2005. He asked me to come out of the house, I was nervous. I was 15.

With clammy hands, I went to the bus stop. I noticed he was holding something wrapped in red as he, in his usual slippers and cargo shorts stood there, waiting. He was sweating. He was nervous, maybe. He was 15 too. 

Quickly he gave me the gift. With a curt 'thank you', I hurried off towards the house. I didn't know if he waited in the bus stop a long time. 

In my haste, I dropped the gift and it made a breaking sound. Something was shattered. I opened it, and saw a framed fairy looking down a river surrounded with glass shards, the ones I broke.He never knew I broke the framed picture.

The picture, even without the glass frame is still in our living room. It was the last picture he gave me.