Friday, February 18, 2011

Running post on long overdue 'SYOrt TAym'

I only finished the story in my head. I have made so many versions of SYort TAym. Never really got far. The farthest I got was 1/8 of the story. Below's one of the many intros I have written...

To encourage myself to finish this crap, as I believe finishing the story would afford me a fresh start at things, I am posting this and will keep on posting everything about this once or twice a week. Deadlines yeah. 


wednesday was practically the only day i look forward to in a week. that would be the day when you would take me places i've never been. places i can only imagine.

it practically was the only way for me to reach you, wednesdays. on mondays you're busy doing stuff at school. on tuesdays you help out in your org. on thursdays you work. on fridays you go with your close friends for a night out. on saturdays and sundays you're too busy attending to other things, like your music or the other girls in your life.

we get along pretty well, i daresay. you never run out of stories so vivid i feel like i was physically there at the time when you experienced it. i liked your life. i was the tiny bit of distraction you had in your week. an hour or two of conversation and then you dissolve back in your fantastic life. never to be heard again until the next wednesday.



alexandria said...

neena! ::D will be waiting for the next post! ::D