Monday, August 9, 2010

Flirting with frames

     Now now... In less than a month, I would be 20. I have this idea that the moment i stop being a "teener", chronologically, i too must cease acting like one. Being a "teener" means having loads of vain pics with pink floral borders framing an equally cute face (face palm). 
     To take care of that, i have so kindly taken pictures of myself abiding the said definition of a regular "teener".
     Disclaimer: If you have accidentally reached this page (snickers), do yourself a favor by closing this window. Or if you're persistent (read:bored), go on and prepare for the greatest horrifying experience no horror house can give!

Patiently waiting so hurry.

Someone's birthday is coming up! 
Happy spring!

      Enough torture already. :P