Wednesday, February 3, 2010


excerpts from a one-sided conversation,

i've been so happy the past weeks. daming new things, new people, new friends

i love that i am not pressured dito. just living the life.

i found a weird job for myself but i'm enjoying it. i'll never get to do it anyway in the phils.

some days, i cry not because i miss my family but because of him. i'm trying to be ok though it's hard especially when he suddenly pops out from nowhere

i watched avatar in the cinema and loved it so much. while watching it, i thought of you. we should watch more movies. next time would be my treat.

i thought na ang avatar ay pinaghalong pocahontas, eragon, battle of terra, and surrogates lang

nice all the same. nakakastress.

yesterday, i went to a new friend's room and watched a korean movie. iyak iyak na naman.

afterwards she gave me a notebook to appease me.

i joined the cooking contest last monday, we didn't win but it was fun and we got chopstick and place mats

a reminder na i have to learn how to use chopsticks

the sun doesn't rise til 7 am and doesn't set til 7 pm

and now i wonder if you are still reading